Pavement Markings for Industrial Commercial Line Striping

Commercial Paving and Coating offers complete layout and line striping services using the best striping equipment and quality paint available. Our superior service is well known by general contractors as well as municipal and commercial building owners. We offer competitive quotes and work to complete the job promptly.

We will execute your design layout, inspect and install all necessary line striping and signage to ensure your compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • Commercial / Municipal Striping
  • Handicap
  • Fire Zone
  • No Parking

We offer new layout, re-stripe of existing parking lots, running tracks, etc.

Parking Lot Striping & Coating


Professional Line Striping assists your visitors in the safe use of your parking lot. It directs traffic to the proper route of entrance and exit, allowable areas to park, loading zones, crosswalks, and defines drive aisles that are wide enough to avoid accidents with cars and pedestrians. Properly designed parking spaces also maximize the number of cars you can safely accommodate.

Upgrade Property Appearance

Customers appreciate a well designed and well marked parking system. The parking lot is the first thing that customers or visitors see. A freshly painted parking lot can lend an attractive impression to the overall image of your property.


At Commercial Paving and Coating, we expertly apply line striping so that it results in consistent, sharp lines with well defined edges, starts and stops.